1 Life in Pastoral Ministry
2 The Five Themes of Resilient Ministry
3 Evaluating Spiritual Formation
4 Pursuing Spiritual Formation
5 Self-Care: Burning On, Not Burning Out
6 Self-Care: Pacing Our Lifestyles
7 Understanding Emotional Intelligence
8 Developing Emotional Intelligence
9 Exploring Cultural Differences
10 Improving Cultural Intelligence
11 Marriage and Family: Stressed by Ministry
12 More Marriage and Family Stressors
13 Leadership Poetry
14 Leadership Plumbing
15 Concluding Insights and Next Steps
Appendix A: Research Methods of the Pastors Summit
Appendix B: Questions for Personal Evaluation and Annual Reviews
Appendix C: Emotions Checklist
Appendix D: Constructing and Interviewing a Family Diagram
Appendix E: Best Practices for Forming Peer Cohorts